Reviews for "Plat Beta"


great effort
great game

completed it

i didnt buy a shotgun tho! :(

Great stuff! :)

Bigfoot156 responds:


Pretty cool actually!

A great game in my opinion. Always room for improvment. Of course, make the platforms or whatever and enemies a little more better looking. You should set alot more time for the levels. You set too little, and you have to rush through the levels. Make a little more time, so you can take your time, and so you can enjoy the levels. Other than that, it's good, and I'm sure the final version can be even better!

Bigfoot156 responds:

thanks for the advice -- I guess i was getting through them fast just cuz I made them so to me it seemed good but for others I guess its a bit too quick.

why is it...

then when you kill an enemy, they turn into platforms?

Awsome beta idk why its under judgement

Great job! Its addicting i hope u good luck on it!@

OK overall.

i think its a fun game, however, if u just tried graphically a little harder i would rate it better but its still fun.