Reviews for "Plat Beta"

It just seemed kind of pointless.

There was no story, no plot and seemingly no reason to do what you're doing. So you might want to get players a reason to do what it is that you're doing.

Also, It's almost impossible to get past level four. If it only had about 10 more seconds. I could probually get past it.

Though, I understand this is a beta version. I hope to see it when it's ready.

Bigfoot156 responds:

Ill try and add some sort of story to it and im definately going to add time to the levels.


great effort
great game

completed it

i didnt buy a shotgun tho! :(

Great stuff! :)

Bigfoot156 responds:


Awsome beta idk why its under judgement

Great job! Its addicting i hope u good luck on it!@