Reviews for "Newgrounds Helpful Guide"


I really enjoyed this quiz.

Sispri responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.


This was a really good little game. I got C which I'm happy with. I think this will be quite popular with NG members as everyone wants to know what their worth and you guys are worthy of judging them. Good work lads!

Sispri responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! /\_/\

I Love Learning Stuff

Awesome quiz, guys! Not only is it interesting to do, but I actually learned a few things (an Abusive Review thread to post reviews I blow the whistle on?? Cool!) about Newgrounds that I never even knew before!
I also like the questions themselves: a few of them were "best answer is obvious" gimmes, but the majority were sort of ambiguous about which was "correct", and a few tested my knowledge of Newgrounds to help keep the score honest.
Superb job! Make more: I'm finding out new stuff about Newgrounds all the time!

Sispri responds:

More coming soon! :)


This truly deserved that 2nd place.
Great job, you've done. Love it

Sispri responds:

Aye, have a nice life, bud.

im rugeler

good game now i know with rank i am on newgrounds

Sispri responds:

<3 ! :D