Reviews for "Newgrounds Helpful Guide"

pretty nice actually

I tought it was nicelly designed, and it was
programmed correctly. the music is cool,

and its educational. so thanks I will dig myself out of the garbage whistle hole

Sispri responds:

Glad you enjoyed, it's people like you who I do it for. Good luck with that whistle.


I got 41 :D I'm a B lol I wanna be a moderator :P I love helping people

Sispri responds:

lol, keep being helpful.


I got a newgrounds regular, and im not suprised. I dont even GO on the forums, but i simply answered what i would do if i was in that position, and im glad to know im not a jerk! :D

Sispri responds:

You don't need to go to the forums to be Reg. ;p


I'm quite new to newgrounds, and i found this very useful. I managed to score 26 which i thought is quite good, it has also taught me things i didn't know about Newgrounds.

Great Job :)


I liked it. I got a 35, but probably only because I'm not already a mod (since of course top points will go to a mod for the majority of questions).

Overall I really liked it :)