Reviews for "Newgrounds Helpful Guide"

A great quiz

I could name many flash creators who should take this test. Great job creating this quiz. the questions were varied and the results area was well thought out. Give you self a pat on the back man.

It's a shame this quiz isn't mandatory for some posters, eh?

Sispri responds:

Haha, that'd be cool. Thanks for checking it. :)


It's great, a neat quiz and I just can't get enough of the endless handbag :) Going to my favs!

And, btw, I got a C XD

Sispri responds:

NG Reg? Good for you!

Very Nice

good background music, good references. And may help a lot who is new to newgrounds to understand how things work here.

Really good work, hope you get to make a second one, with more rules and tests

Oh yeah, I got a B (!)


Sispri responds:

There'll be a bunch of questions in the next one. :D

i got a 2

thats weird eh?...EH? EEEEEEEEHHHHHH?!?!?!?!??

Sispri responds:


I got a 43 (Worthy of Modship)

I answered truthfully.

Anyways, top-notch quiz.

It was easy to cheat and get a 50, because the best scoring answers were always to the far right. (Opposite for worst score)