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This really helped

When I first came to Newgrounds, this really helped, thanx yoshi.

Sispri responds:

You're welcome. Your input is always valued.

Cool Beans

When I first checked this out, I was expecting some boring wall of text informing me how I can become a better user. But in reality, it wasn't that at all, it was really more of a quiz/personality-type game than a guide, IMO. :P
For starters, I must give you props on the graphics. The title, "Newgrounds Helpful Guide" on the opening screen really caught my eye in all it's spiffyness, very cool and professional looking. :) Besides that, well, everything was very bight, colorful and Newgrounds themed, as a flash about Newgrounds probably should be. :P Overall, very good job in the graphics department.
The songs you chose were pretty cool, though they did tend to get a bit much after a while...Which leads me to my next comment, which is nice job adding a mute option. It may seem simple, but so many submissions tend to skip out on it, -it's a nice feature to have. :) The only thing I could suggest with the audio, would be to have like 5 or so songs available to listen to and have a little jukebox type thing that allows you to toggle through the songs so you can choose what type of music you want to listen to. I'm not sure how hard that would be to make, though...Just a thought. ;)
As a whole, you guys did a nice job with this. The graphics were all quite nice and there was plenty of varying questions. Congrats on the award. :D

Oh, and BTW, my honest-to-god score was a 35. MOD PLOX loll

Sispri responds:

<InsertGenericResponse/> :D

Thanks man.


Nice quiz. The questions were kinda good. But it's kinda easy to find out what the correct one is, ya know, so people can kinda cheat on it and say: "ZOMG I GOT 1337!!1!11!". You should make some hard questions, like asking wich one of 4 reviews is abusive, and put some useless ones there, so it'll get people confused, and this kind of stuff.

I got 36 lol. "Worthy moderator". And I was honest about myself :o


28 isent that bad right?


for begginners like yours truly