Reviews for "Newgrounds Helpful Guide"


im a newgrounds GOD!!!!!


i got a B, i think thats a good thing


This was fun, also nice music.

Nice quiz

This is spot on regarding my contribution. It could give misleading results to people who focus all of their time in specific areas, since they won't score in the others, but that's practically unavoidable.

It's not a right and wrong quiz in the sense of figuring out which answer is best, it requires that you are honest to yourself. The explanation is a nice touch, but might tempt people to replay the quiz with max score, then again the before mentioned honesty should be first priority when taking this.

I liked the soundtrack the first couple of times I heard it, after that it became kinda annoying, but look, there's a mute button. BONUS!

The color scheme of the quiz was all Newgrounds, fitting. There is room for more advanced animation, but it's not really necessary at all.

All in all I like this submission a lot.


helped me learn about newgrounds easyier