Reviews for "Newgrounds Helpful Guide"

good, short, thats all

I've got 50.
My review is short and not helpfull, wil you delete it?

I nearly have 200 reviews.

Am I really making Newgrounds worse? Don't tell me my reveiws have been a waste of time!
I mean com'on I'm standing right here, I can hear you talking about me.
I went to some of your reviews and a couple of those didn't seem all that helpful.
Oh and don't give me that "Lots of people found my review helpful"

The only reason why everyone finds your reviews helpful is because you make flashes. That's the only reason.
Your reviews would be nothing if you never made any Games or Movies.
(Roar!) Stupid NG citizens must really love you will you know what.
One day I'll be able to say to you: Now I am the Master, and throw you off the balchony.

All I need is a little time thats all!
Give it 7 years okay...
Good luck with winning two hundred and fifty dollars you lucky bastard!


I liked it. I got a 35, but probably only because I'm not already a mod (since of course top points will go to a mod for the majority of questions).

Overall I really liked it :)


I got a 33 but I'm probably not going to be a moderater, this is cool!


that was not useful it was more anoying than useful