Reviews for "Newgrounds Helpful Guide"

Just gotta say

this review will not very helpful at all. I mean I'm not going to give you any feedback or constructive ideas at all

PS. everyone who are bragging about the score they got.... nobody cares, thats not useful in a review. and if you get that high of a score you should know better

PPS. 241 reviews... too many

I got 47

not too bad but yet it shows how a moderator, a troll, noob,or even a civillian acts
and when i was honest with my answers i got a C i think and i dunno how many points
P.S. I bet Tom probly would have gotten a 50 on this XD

I got a 50!!!!!

Take that! Great quiz anyway.

Got a 26

Still, I haven't been active in a long time and have never been active on the BBS, so those questions really hurt my rating. Was a good quiz however, very reminiscient of another entry I viewed just before this, same style background etc. You get your inspiration from it?

The music was fantastic, a great reminder of Newgrounds days gone by. Good job

good,great and good questions

i got the score of 47,please tell me what ranking i have since i have 47,no + !!thats why i need help people.