Reviews for "Ninja Glove"

My god

So freakin HARD but so ADDICTIVE


Ninja glove here, bask in my glory.

Reminds me a lot of the classic Four Second Frenzy games. My only complaint was some games inflated your score and some were designed to screw you over. For example, I'd see "Click to the exit" and my first thought was 'free 80 points!', but "Pick the mushrooms" meant death. A slightly more balanced system of reward and skill would make it easier for new players to get into the game.

Still, it was awesome.

a well-made, challenging game

I really enjoyed the game, it was tough but w/ practice it's definitely beatable. I mean, it's ninja glove, you don't just automatically become a first-class ninja, so I wouldn't extend the time limit. The graphics and style were good too. A great addition to the WarioWare type of game.

Cool mini-games

I really liked them.

There's something about this game which makes you play it until you finish all 21 games, which is a good thing!

Well done!


i would like to see more games from you