Reviews for "Ninja Glove"


i love this game lol i got ninja thumb it took me months but i did it wooo!!!, lol but really i love fast paced games and this was extrmely challenging ((hah big understatement))


this game ishard as hell

9th place!

i got 9th place on the global score with 545points

i think that's the highest I've gotten on a global ranking

P.S i still can't catch the fly!

LOL 3 strikes you're out

I can never beat this!

It's too addicting...........more like 50 times you're cause thats exactly what happened. I don't wanna be a pinky anymore - . - Anyway challenging. Wastes time. Spot on fun =D ...... now if only it were easier.


Frustrating at first. Then I got the hang of the games. I beat it with 541 points!