Reviews for "Ninja Glove"


NO CHEATS????!?!!!!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!!!!!

How I do it to get Ninja Glove Ranking

I first played this game on hi5 and made it first with the Ninja Glove Ranking
And now i made it again.
There is a trick when u are playing hit space to pause
My final score is: 722 with 10 live bonus
Hope you guys get tha Ninja Glove

lol i got thumb like a year ago...

but i havnt played since now i want to throw my comp thru the wall! (i have a sensetive mouse .\/. )


i got ninja thumb the first try it took me like 5 mins to easy


i got ninja thumb in 30 miniutes
to easy
play this game if u have skills like me
30 min
u need skill or it will take months to get thumb