Reviews for "Ninja Glove"

i earned rank of ninja thumb :D

Frustrating, but very addicting

"super ninja skills and lightning fast reflexes"

Great game! highest score for me was 755. Very hard on some levels like mushrooms, but great.
TIP: If you mess up dont think about what you did. It wastes time.

way too fast... i like fast

dude r u trying to kill me cause i can't stop

some levels...

some levels are really fast...it's hard to keep up sometimes. like that "drag the Square to the exit" level. hard >.< but i like it :)


kool game that requires super fast reflexes!!

*SPOILER* (Kinda)
to do better, pause and move the mouse where you want it to be (helps alot)
Ex. when shooting blue, clik on a blue bottle pause, move mouse to another one, unpause, click, pause, and keep going.
My highest score was 695 by doing this