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Reviews for "Xionic Madness 1.5"

Hot juicy stereotypical action anime goodness.

And by goodness i mean unoriginality. I can name the sources for over 90% of your sound effects, and not one of them is credited. Your plotline is full of overexposition and horrible climaxes. The only reason this is surviving is because the general population of the NG Demographic are 14 year old anime fanatics who would vote anything related to anime with no less than 9 stars. Here's hoping 1.5 is the last of this horrible series.

Xionico responds:

If you can name the source then what's the necessity of them being credited? The background music is credited because of copyright or just because I wanted to, I wouldn't really know how to credit the sfx's because I'm not sure what the exact source is, it isn't like they made them, or if it's better for you I could credit "CS_sounds.zip" for most of the sfx's.
The rest of your review is just your point of view so I can't really argue about it

And no :D expect the last one to be uploaded next month (hopefully).

Seeya! Thanks for...er...constructive criticism XD?

Sorry, but I didn't like this at all.

This is overdone. It has nothing to do with madness except for the cross on his face.

Xionico responds:

That's the point :D

no flash

why is there no flash computers should have flash built in

%u0130 HATE TH%u0130S!