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Reviews for "Xionic Madness 1.5"

didnt like it

Completely unoriginal, and the character movement was horrible... ridiculous amount of tweening. The only thing you have going is the overwhelming amount of shiny objects. Which does not make a good animation. Sorry but I did not enjoy it.

loved it

way better than the frist movie cant waited tell madness day 09 when is it


it started quite...okay

but then you made it crappy...again
(you can read my comment on the first flash again)

Xionico responds:

D: I'm too lazy to check it again, but I'll take it was beause of the talk

er..thanks ;D

Weird im gunna have 2 agree with Pun1sher

For some reason i couldnt see the charectors and i didnt hear any talking. bug or what? also theflash stopped at the part where it shows the information on Xero

Xionico responds:

well there was a button that said "click here to continue with the flash"

but that character thingy wasn't definitely on the flash D: don't know what happened there

i have one question...

SO each madness is an self design? i love this series and want to made 1 but i dont know how XD!!! please help