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Reviews for "Xionic Madness 1.5"


You should invest time into something harder rather than easy animated stuff. And you destroyed the Ninja Gaiden Soundtrack... Sorry

Xionico responds:

Ah, you're the "Halo Orions" dude, no wonder why the name ringed a bell.

Well I don't particularly enjoy your stuff but I respect you as a fellow animator, and I could say the very same thing about "easy animated stuff" since most of your flash consists on Traced Halo designs and tweens, but as same as I, you're still praticing.

Yay :P stay tuned to witness what other soundtracks I destroy in the next one :D

over rated

bad, please learn to animate, unfortunently all you need is anime and lots of neon colors to get a good score around here though. 2 better be better man

Xionico responds:

I'm still learning o:

it could be better

when i saw it i felt like im watching dragon ball z or naruto which are animes for 10 years old kids, seriously

Bad Grammar

Quite alot of spelling mistakes...

infunctional isn't a word

infunctional isn't a word.

also, the vid sucked.