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Reviews for "Xionic Madness 1.5"

meh. good

too cluttered for me. good gore though and good animation just too trippy and compact. =/ not my style. but others liked it i guess. but i did like the whole krinkles charcters and the chainsword (go warhammer 40k!)

Not bad, but nothing special

It seems your goal here was to go somewhere else with the madness series. In this you have an attempt to up the graphics and story, but I actually feel that takes from it's charm.

Graphically it was more complicated but I don't think you out did the simplistic designs and grey color that madness had. If your going to make thing more complicated, you need to still render it and that's where it falls apart. It's hard to see and the added details didn't really define objects well.

As for the plot, I feel that adding one could be an ok idea but this did feel a lot like generic cliché writing. Every element seemed pulled from every anime/action cartoon we've already seen, dialogue included.

Now despite all the negative criticism I did find it ok and a good submission to newgrounds, but here you have a series, so I'm hoping you take this criticism and work on it so that 1.6 will be absent of these flaws.

Eh..... not so much

im rating it a 6 because they went through the effort to make it and it looks great decent ideas and all but actual outcome of it was was....... not so great. The originals were the best hands down and any continuation by anyone else will be flawed from the start... sorry

no not for me

not my kind of flash..... Think of adding more story?


You should invest time into something harder rather than easy animated stuff. And you destroyed the Ninja Gaiden Soundtrack... Sorry

Xionico responds:

Ah, you're the "Halo Orions" dude, no wonder why the name ringed a bell.

Well I don't particularly enjoy your stuff but I respect you as a fellow animator, and I could say the very same thing about "easy animated stuff" since most of your flash consists on Traced Halo designs and tweens, but as same as I, you're still praticing.

Yay :P stay tuned to witness what other soundtracks I destroy in the next one :D