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Reviews for "Xionic Madness 1.5"



A lot less action indeed. The close quarters fight between Omega and XV was nice and strategic, though also kinda slow. The animation was okay, not as good as the last one, perhaps. The humanoid XV design and Xero's upgrade looked cool though. There were some cool kills, like when Xero told the Int. guys to pray for their magazines to be infinite. Even that weirdly had him impervious to bullets which we've never seen before. The part with the one guy saying he isn't human after that previous exchange was pretty funny. So was Xero failing to use the teleporter. The plot was weird though, because that message from Askad came out of nowhere, and at first I didn't realize Kary had gotten it, because Xero was the one with the upgrade. A completely different organization was apparently introduced, the guys wanting to take in XV. They didn't really do anything, I thought they were Int. the first time watching. There were also some issues with the sound effects, some of them were really jarring with the abrupt way they stopped or the overdone volume. One time, when Xero picked the teleporter up, there was a punch sound effect. The music choices were still really good though.
Overall not as good as the first one, pretty confusing and slow.

i want a scene creator of xionic madness NOW! XD

Love it.

By the way, the music in the beginning is Nightwish Nemo