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Reviews for "Wave Warrior Sonic EXE"


You put in a lot of work in this I can tell. Grammar was weird, but I still know what they were saying. My only beef with this was the battlesand the chase. I fought Rouge like 4 times and she kept killing me by spamming her soul. Also try to make the chase scenes in the future easier or shorter. Lastly try to make the conversations run by themselves.

Great.. just work on grammar...

Very good flash and story so far.. just try working on the grammar in your writing... (And I don't want to hear any crap about my ellipsis use from anyone...)

Another Final Fantasy (Sort of)

I found it annoying that I had to keep clicking forward to advance the communication. I would have rather read the one sentence lines instead of having to click forward. Second, have a continue option for when you have the passwords up, some went by too quickly to memorize or write down. I though I was watching a movie at first then it is a game. You should recatorize this flash as a game and not a movie. All in all of what I said, it is a well administered game.


it's ok but you need to use better grammer


The opening credits alone make the movie worth submitting. Good Job.