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Reviews for "Wave Warrior Sonic EXE"

Animation was awesome

The animation was awesome and story line but please make sure spelling and grammar are right and add enemy health as well it would make it better but still awesome and good cause i know how long it takes to make a flash i took a course in dschoo and i like ur rpg style:)

Arthuria99 responds:

thanks for telling me about this
u see,,,i'm not really good at grammar
coz no one teach me about that in my country


This is one of the greatest sonic games I've ever played!

Arthuria99 responds:

haha thanks,,,
but i don't think this is the greatest one>.<

Great game

This is one of the best RPG flashes I have ever played so far. It was the perfect challenge for for my role-playing game skills especially against Rouge. Anyway, the only thing that could prove convinent is to add a health gauge for the opponents as well. Keep up the good work and can't wait for the second installment.

Nice job but...

It could of been better but it was good. Nice job

im to lazy to read the comments before this

if i may repeat sumthing then.. my bad
no offence but to me the sonic super "soulink"thing was a bit long,plus it'd would have been nice if it actually killed in 1 try
instead of zero(sprite) for the soul maybe u could have made him an elf named zero
itd be nice to have an opponents life bar to see how much i need kill him more
and lastly i think its just me but, doesnt the sprite animations look sorta non-sprite is, cause whenever i use sonic wave it shoots a sort of blob

Arthuria99 responds:

thanks for ur suggestion
i will make them in elf mode
but theyre still soul^^