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Reviews for "Wave Warrior Sonic EXE"

i love make another

PKforce is a hater this game is tight as ever plz do us all a favor make a another plz

Arthuria99 responds:


You have no idea what you have unleashed upon NG

Aside from the lame action and the cheap sound effects, this movie really needs some work. Did you really think you would make the game any better by trying to color the sprites in to make it seem like you drew the sprites and made them yourself? First of all, I know you know this game is horrible. Why don't you learn from your mistakes, remake it, then submitt something worthwhile becasue this game seriously, SUCKS.

nice game BUT.....

you should have made a life bar for the opponent so that you can see the opponent's health. sorry, i can only give you 9 stars

Arthuria99 responds:

it's ok
butwhy don't u play the edited version?
u can see enemy health bar there

Not bad RPG game

This one sure is a really good rpg so far even the colours of the characters r not originals, nice.
Graphics:Good characters,nice storyline(though a little weird with Tails),battles moves r nice .
Sounds:Well most of them r nice and good, just 1 thing is annoying.When Sonic gets hit,he keeps saying "WHAT?" this is annoying.Thats all.
Music:All of it are great! Wish i can get them.
Gameplay:Well,most of them r great and some of it is a pain.Like when Rouge and Espio using their special attacks(like when the guardians shows up) at least leave a mark to tell us they r gonna used them.Its quite hard.Though its fun.
Score:10 out of 10 though like 9.9 out of 10 because of just Sonic says when get hit.Thats all

Keep up the good work.

Arthuria99 responds:

thanks man

good job

continu the game ^^

Arthuria99 responds:

wave warrior sonic exe2 is about to finished