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Reviews for "Wave Warrior Sonic EXE"


That Game is Really cool but i losse against espio the 4rtd time.


you mean zero right? who the fuck is z saber? why the shit am i writing this message? who the ass am i? where the fuck am i?why the bitch am i wasting my time writing a review?


it was good, but when i got to espio, i did that loooooonnng overdrive, didnt even kill him and he killed me next turn.

you need an enemy HP display and a number display for SP so you can actually know how much you have left.

your sprites seem a bit smuged too.

other than that it wasnt half bad.

Arthuria99 responds:

u can see enemy life point in edited version
anyway,,,sorry about very loooooooong overdrive^^


only thing missing is a skip into button it is way 2 long but otherwise its perfect

A very good flash, but

When you make the next one, improve your English.

Arthuria99 responds:

right sir!