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Reviews for "Experimental: Flash DDR"


It looks like real ddr, could use more bg colors, and the song was WAY too easy.

AsianSpark responds:


It was fun

It was fun but I agree that there should be more songs.

AsianSpark responds:

I was experimenting?


If you hold down all four of the arrows then you dont miss a note ever.
its pretty good only needs more songs

AsianSpark responds:


I'd like to see this in a game

There is most certainly a high demand for games like this... so it would be a great idea for you to make this into a full feature game. As for this experiment, I feel that it can oftentimes be difficult for the user to get the perfect mark. Perhaps widening the target area will do the trick? Overall great beta.

AsianSpark responds:


Very Enjoyable once.....

Once I figured to you the number pad for the arrows. I was using the regualr arrow keys and the screen was jumping and everything was missing. Speed way good, but I would like to see in future releases that it gets faster as you move through.

AsianSpark responds: