Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"


I can't tell you how fun researching the middle strike was, the one that just aniihilates everything on the ground for like 7 seconds. Just enough choppers to kill air and that at their spawn point over and over again (because preparing a new strike takes less time than the actual strike itself) you can just basicly prevent any ground units from going more than 3 feet past where they start. It was fun until i discovered that, then it was a blast!!!

Fun Game

Great Game! Very enjoyable.

I played easy until past level 50, then switched to the hardest level and it was more of the same, except longer. Do they levels end?

My suggestion, make it be harder, more enemies, more units.

Maybe have an option to upgrade the units you own.

Thanks for the game!

fun fun fun

love the game more guys would be good

good game.

the best strategy game ever!!

I agree with yeli

level 31 is like fighting the world and i rank this 10 to 10 the tanks and graphic and commands are amazing i ghope they make a part 3 of this.