Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"


This is a very good game. Would be good to see a sequel with some more upgrades.

Great game

Awesome game. Only things I had trouble with were:
1. Troops were essentially useless. After the first level or so, I never used them again.
2. Not enough unit choice. Since I never really needed my troops, it boiled down to building a few tanks and a few choppers. Not exactly thrilling.
3. Air strikes seemed way over-powered. I could have an artillery strike up almost constantly, wiping out everything the enemy could throw at me and it would usually make more than enough money to buy another one.

Very very good... maybe too easy?

Very very good... one of the best strategy games I've ever played!

However, I had to quit at level 33 because the difficulty did not progress quickly
enough. I found that after purchasing the first few upgrades, the difficulty in the game did not keep up with my earnings and upgrades.
I'd give the perfect 10 for a slightly harder game.
Possibly consider adding more mobilized vehicles throughout, and at the end of some waves, instead of having only soldiers to easily disperse of.
Or maybe reduce the amount of money given per kill.

Otherwise great job!


great graphics and i just love the diffrent guns and tanks you can get, i especially the one that comes from the sky cant remember its name though the smallest and only problem is some of the prices are a tiiiiiiiiiny bit high but only a tiny bit

p.s juuuuuuust a tiny bit

Definitely An Awesome Flash...

I enjoyed this game alot. The only problems I have with the game is the normal game speed, I know you can "fast-forward" through but still, I hate doing that. Also the difficulty was extreme during the higher levels, maybe tone the enemies down a bit, huh... plz!?