Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"


The only thing i wish is that you can unlock new units/researches over waves, And with a crapload more weapons/strikes.

The only thing i would have really NEEDED in here is allied artillery!, MLRS!, Howitzer!, Buildable buildings! ANYTHING MILITARY RELATED!

This is a good game, but SO MUCH MORE CAN BE EXPANDED ON IT!

Good, Good, Good game


i came to stage 26, then i got bored:(

this game is great, graphics are very good, so is the sound.

although it was very easy. more variation would make it nicer. and maybe a storyline.

the best...

...of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best!!!
graphics: 5 / 5 The graphics were extremely great
animations: 4 / 5 Animations were great, tough they were a bit cranky.
story: 3 / 5 The story has no awards for originalitty.
gameplay: 5 / 5 People who like RTS will get their 10 EXP by voting 5 on this.
Some people will also hate this.
Overral: 9 / 10

Very Well Done

A very simple yet addicting game. Graphics were very good. Sound effects were accurate. Though it could have used some music.

My suggestions are a two player mode and or multiplayer mode.

Good job!!

Thumbs up.

Great game but gets boring after awhile.