Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"

Easy but fun

PWN tips:

4 tanks, 1 chopper, and artillery strike = win all.
infantry is useless once you can ugrade to tanks

don't buy cluster bomb...it's a waste. artillery is cheapest and best support.

Awesome Game!

Wow this game is great its so fun! But I wish there were more units and strikes to get, but except for that great game.


really enjoyed this game...

adding more units would make this game even better but other than that you have something golden over here


Lost for words really!!!!
This game rocks! loved how you included most of the military veichles/machinary etc. thought the animation could of been a teeny bit better, but thats just me, i'm fussy!!!

Keep it up


limited gameplay, maximum fun.

Its not very challenging, but its fun nonetheless.