Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"

Great Game

Really good game, it was pretty fun....up until you got to about level 25-30. After awhile it just got boring building up airstrikes to take out pretty much all of the enemies at once. All in all, great game.

Very nice! (applauds)...

but, as jezzacek said, get's boring after a while. Good game though.
Make a sequel.

Thumbs up.

Great game but gets boring after awhile.

Damn Good

A very well structured and intuitive RTS. It's oh so much fun to see your troops gun down enemy sillouhettes or blow them away with tank fire. You always produce good work Mr. Cooper. However after awhile you develop a sort of formulaic flow to deal with enemies and it gets repetitive.

Overall it deserves it's feature.


good game, nice graphics, good variety of maps and units. there just needs to be more stratigy to it. as all i do is build hordes of units and win.