Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"


it was awesome to play and looked fairly snazzy graphically and interface-wise. i think it could have been improved by individual unit upgrades and - as mentioned before - having some balance between the strike weapons, since the weapons after the artillery strike were somewhat redundant. also, it was cool to have M4s and tomahawk missiles for a change instead of fucking orcs and wizards.


Great 2d game. It needs a sequel.

Far too easy

It is one of the best strategy games I have played, but it is too easy. If it was harder, it would have gotten a 10. And I agree that carpet bombing, although not looking as cool, is very effective and can win the game for you if you just forget about soldiers and just use tanks and choppers.

Awesome Start

Good game, but lots of room for improvement. I love the art style, that every unit is a silhouette, and they all move realistically. What could be improved are the explosions and missile effects. As others have suggested, an automatic production button would be great. Hopefully we'll get more units and strategies in the next installment.

really fun

I really enjoyed the game. Once you get the helicopter and artillery strike it gets easy though. Other than that, really good game.