Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"

This is an awesome game!

But I want more units and more airstrikes and this should be in MULTIPLAYER!!!

this game rocks!!!!

this game brought back the warlord in me!!!
keep it up...

Very engaging. Nice.

I played this for a good hour straight. You are full of win in my book.
I'd recommend this game to a lot of people. So everyone who just so happens to be reading this, play it. You'll like it.


if you make another. add like bases and defenses. or something. def more units.
keep the games coming man your awesome!

bloody hell!

awesome, bloody awesome, pant-poopingly awesome!

by the way, get artillery and chinook as soon as poss. use art. on first soldier in wave and it will wipeout all the anoying jeeps and trucks, and chinnoks let you deploy right infront of them and trip them up

awesome :)>