Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"


awesome game but gets easy and boring after you park a load of tank and helicopters at the enemy's side as they cant shoot them but your units can still attack then park some at home base to stop planes then just sit and waste money on air strikes for a laugh. IMHO the last air strike which costs 2mil to research and 500k to use is way to slow and weak to be worth it, artillery and cluster way better and more fun

still cant wait till the next part

funnest game in a long time

fuckin awesome


very fun game

great game

can't wait for the sequel. (yes there is gunna be 1 cause he said that it is the first in a siries)

awsome game!!!!!!!

this game is sooooooooooooooo fun please can you make a sequel with like missions and stuff like that pls thx