Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"

Great as always

Man i love your games. I love the style of the graphics, i love the gameplay, i love EVERYTHING about ALL your games, they just ooze style and professionalism.

Good game.

This is a good game, fun to play for a while, but it quickly becomes repetitive and boring. There is a point when I get tired of it, switch it onto super speed, and just start throwing an endless wave of troops at the enemy. It's literally impossible to lose this unless you forget you're playing.

5 anyway for good concept and animation. Should have made it more in depth, however. More units, more upgrades, more diversity that requires actual strategy and not just spamming tanks and the like.


i got to level 53, but then got bored but until then, it was really good


This is the best game i have played in a long time, 10/10 5 stars. However I agree with Dongkun6, you should have more control over the soldiers, and perhaps (for the next game, which i hope to see) many more upgrades and units. I strongly recommend this game.


Silouette action plus good graphics and gameplay? WIN!!!