Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"

Not bad

Better than most 2-d RTS games, but it just got extremely boring after the 5th level. Ohhh.. yayy...here comes another suicide truck.

great game

really good game. nice choice of colours. everything is great, graphically.

the gameplay on the other hand... its good but it can get a bit toooo simple. all i needed were tanks and helicopters, den just tomahawk-missle the shit out of the machine gunners and missle launchers. even on hard difficulty it seems all too simple wid dat combonation. i never need to use any other weapon or unit except just for fun.

so out of 10:
-3 cos of the lack of challenge
but das still 7 points for graphics and great gameplay


I loved this game, everything seem to match perfectly, it seems you worked really hard on it.

The art was outstanding, it was difficult to believe that it was only a flash game. I loved the backgrounds and the way they were drawn, the design and animation of the characters was great too, and the explosions were just perfect, while the game ran without any lag. I loved the fact that you could only see the characters' silhouette (everything in black), it made the game very stylish.
The audio was very well too, the explosions and the gun firing were really goo. I think it would be even better if it had some music, like war-themed, or some ambient music.
Unfortunately there wasn't any story.

Overall, it was almost perfect, I enjoyed every second playing it (although some difficult increase would be good). An in-game guide will be appreciated, so you don't have to go to other window to watch it. And also, I'm looking for the file size for the first time. Damn, how do you keep it so low?

To sum up, I think you deserve a 5/5, and a 9/10

Keep it up!


Its A great Game But Needs More Weapons

Great game but...

I loved this game but it does get abit repetitive after awhile