Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"

Good Job

I played this thing for like 2 hours, it's awesome! Maybe a sequel, eh?

Fun Game

Great Game! Very enjoyable.

I played easy until past level 50, then switched to the hardest level and it was more of the same, except longer. Do they levels end?

My suggestion, make it be harder, more enemies, more units.

Maybe have an option to upgrade the units you own.

Thanks for the game!

Very Well Done

A very simple yet addicting game. Graphics were very good. Sound effects were accurate. Though it could have used some music.

My suggestions are a two player mode and or multiplayer mode.

Good job!!


it was sweet one of the best games iv played.


I am writing this comment while I'm playing the game I'm just using another link and I made up to 25 stages and I think I'm gonna make it to even more stages and I dont like strategy but this is something good.