Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"


me as a gamer and looking at it only as a gamer not a game maker... dude its cool. it kept me for like 2 hours of play.. good job hope too see an updated version

dude this game is sweet

this game has great graffics and has great game play


Just a note, how do you get the tank transport chopper to work? also waT is the point of the blank transport chopper? Apart from this, very addictive flash game, though an ending would be nice. Also it is a bit annoying when your troops jus dissapear at the end.......

Nice, but too repeative...

it is nice but too repeative!
just doing the same all the time...

I'm NUMBER 1!!!

Not a bad game, too bad that you can't scroll chose units, that would make staking out a hilltop a lot easier. Number one bitches, maybe not for long but for at least an hour or so. 46,917,000 points, not all in one sitting FUUUUUUUUCK that!!!