Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"

good, but thinking really isn't important.

I really don't think its wise to call this a strategy game considering you don't any actual thinking. when the going gets tough you just send in more and more units and launch bombs. the graphics are quit incredible but I kind of wish everything wasn't black cause sometimes when I try to lock a bomb on a missle launcher truck (or what ever they are called) I would accidentally lock it on a soldier or a other vehicle by accident. still the graphics are amazing showing beautiful visuals (especially the explosions) and wonderful animation (especially the pieces flying around). the graphics both looks and runs smooth. by the time you reach to the 30ish stage you would pretty much have all the upgrades which I kind of think sucks cause I think there should be much more if there's more than 30 levels (I only made it to level 31 with a score of 661,000 ).
you can actually control your units by selecting them, this shows their interface where you would choose an action for the soldier to do. this seems rather pointless sense your goal in each level (or stages as they are called) is to send your army to the end of the opposite side of the screen. the only time you should consider using the interface is when your have Chinook helicopter cause they can deploy Special Forces and tanks. and besides the interface for the other units (even the Chinook Helicopter cause it has another action all units have) really doesn't work cause the would do that automatically as soon as they are deployed. so really there's no strategy to the game, you just send in more and more troops and launch bombs when it gets tougher and tougher (if your facing a whole crap load of enemies). the game is still fun but its not so much of a thinking game that it was meant to be. oh, and by the way there's a bit of a "missle lock-on" glitch.

Nice, I really enjoyed it.

This was a really fun and simple game that kept me amused for a few hours. The concept is good, the gameplay is solid. The only thing I can really offer in the way of advice is perhaps more variety? Though my selection was well rounded, I felt it lacked any sort of fast attack units, especially considering I'm in charge of a Mercenary force. Even a humvee and an F-18 would have been enough to get this a 10, in my opinion. Anyway, keep up the good work, and I hope you make some more like this.

It did get a little easy once I started bombing their artillery with mine. Perhaps some variety in their tactics is another piece of advice I have.


As I said, awesome!! I got 272,000 is that good?

Good, but too easy for me

Good graphics, decent GUI.

But the game is way too easy for me. I could keep things well under control using very little money. All it needed was a couple of groups of 5 or 7 tanks on some hills, supported by anti-ground missiles (or artillery) to clear out the mobile launchers and anti-air missiles.

All in all it did keep me amused for quite a while. So righty, unless I missed something it would be nice if the game had some extra difficulty levels.

Great Game

Great game, the only thing i was waiting for was an ending... once you get down a plan its really easy. never bothered to try the transports they seemed useless to me.