Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"


simple but oh so great

toooooooooo easy gt 2 stage 26 n gt bored

all u gota do is buy the frst upgrade, n thn spend 100,000 evrytym a new stge starts on it.... 15 secs b4 the stage strts buy 9 tanks,9 helicopters n 9 men.... n thn clik launch on the missiles tht fire 4 ever.... n thn wen it hits 0 secs launch it at the corner wer they cum, thn all ther vehicles get destryd n wts left gets eaten by ur tanks n helis. was gd time waster tho


10/10 5/5
By far one of the best games I've played in quite some time. Bringing together both strategy, graphics and action into an excellent combat interface game. I will continue to enjoy it as it never becomes boring.

endless game...

closed it after stage 31 ...

Beautiful Game, Gets old Fast

The game looks amazing, and it was fun until around level 10. At that point I realized the exact same strategy would work each round

Build 3 Choppers, 3 Tanks, and Call in Artillery at the enemy side of the screen.