Reviews for "Shadez: Black Operations"


The presentation is wonderful, and the gameplay is great... for a few levels. The problem is, when you get both choppers and airstrike, the challenge vanishes. Put several Chinooks in the same location near the entrance, they take out all air; an airstrike (and later, 2 in succession) placed near the enemy entrance destroys all ground but some infantry, which the choppers take out easily from afar.

10 :]

easy but really fun two thumbs up

give a 5

i'm givein it a 5 for this and a 10 for part to... u know wat?? how about a 1000000000000000!!!!! lol

Simple but really effective!

Although the game has simple graphics, this is still a fantastic game. Having simple graphics allows the game to go smoothly (unless you build hundreds of units). If you launch a strike at the enemy units at the beginning of a new wave, you will get most of your money back and more. Launch Tomahawk missiles at enemy missile trucks to earn a lot of money.

good game.

the best strategy game ever!!