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Reviews for "Epic War"

Tips for Final boss

Ok, I just want to say, pretty good game. It's a little tedious, but it was addicting nonetheless.


Now, before you read any further, you have to realise that the final boss will take time to beat. I mean about 30 minutes worth of sitting down(I paused to take a break about 10 times, so...yea.) Make sure you take a break-you're insane if you do it in one sitting.

Now, what you need to do is make sure you have EVERYTHING fully upgraded; disregard the angel. Now, use your special and normal arrows to kill enemies and increase your mana to 9999, then start building mana until you reach 9999. Then, spam every unit BESIDES THE ANGEL to get to the enemy castle.

Angels are useless throughout the mission, and Wizards don't do anything once te boss comes out to play.

As soon as you destroy the base, just spam the Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf and Golem, while summoning Dragons when you're able to. As soon as you can afford them, be sure to also lay down the trap and build the turret. The reason why your smaller units are so valuable(especially Hobbits xD) is the fact that when they get close to The End, it STOPS to attack. This gives you more time to put arrows into it. Be sure to use the special arrows as well; they go through the boss for more damage, and land on the ground to kill oncoming enemies.

Also, when your units get flung into the air, keep shooting while spamming more units. The ones your creating will quickly replace those that are dying.

Just keep spamming troops and special/normal arrows, and NEVER summon Angels. It will go down eventually, but it takes a _*massive*_ amount of time and patience. And be sure to rest by pausing the game; pressing those hotkeys will really start to hurt xD

its great

its a good game not my fav but it will keep me up trying to beat it just like all your ther games :I

ok game

Ok compared to the other epic wars.

good but,

very hard. i like this,but i can't win "final battle"


keeps you playing great job