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Reviews for "Epic War"

heres some tips for the "impossible"

its simple to beat the end! alls you really need to do is max out your crossbow for sure. that should be your main priority in the game it helps out soo much! secondly. when your in the last level you need to get your mana up to max it is a must! thirdly spam smaller units. its simple. if your sending out hundreds of hobbits the end will attack them and slow its trek to your castle. then send out as many big units as you can as well such as your angel and dragon. do this and i can guarentee a sure fire win! if you have any questions feel free to add me and message me. ive beaten this game plenty of times to know how to win. ive also beaten every epic war game there is so any questions on the series ask away and good luck to everyone!


Very addicting!! The enemy kinda has advantages with soldiers and such, but very nice game. Gonna play Epic War 2 tommorow! :D Keep It up. :)

WTF'S wrong with these guys?

i dont know whats the matter with these complainers, always complaining that they cant finish level 6 or beat the fuck out of the END.

they are already tips in the description box on how to beat THE END.

and its all very easy,plus you already have a crossbow that can fire up to 3 arrows when maxed

Good Game

A very good tower defense/attack game, it brings a lot of fun, upgrades, units and a suitable amount of Battles. A point of criticism is that it may get a little boring the last two battles before the final fight. The End is hrad to beat, but its possible when following the tips in the description. I'll give you 9/10 and i hope that the sequels are as funny as this.


I love this game and the whole series, but the people like "WTF it's impossible to beat." Need to give it another try or something. Beat it on my first try. xD Best of luck to you all.