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Reviews for "Epic War"

want to enjoy it but like some alredy said the arrow shooter controls gets uncontrollable

how are we woposed to kill that thing at the last lvl omg its like un beatable even at full upgrade sheesh 300000 hp wow

Awesome :D

I felt so good when i beat it 5/5 10/10

hate it

its just so stupid

couple of problems

ya first good graphics and the game play was fun though the crossbow controls are spotty, sometimes it would get stuck going up or down and it took me while but i have to quickly tap up and down to get it unstuck, but thats only when i notice in fact sometimes thats the reason why i lost, second the game gets REALLY hard way too fast. the difficulty jumps at battle 6 and if you just play the other feilds once you're gonna die no question. other than that a decent game