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Reviews for "Epic War"

great game

loved it and beat it. For how ever plays this ur bow is insane at max i pushed them back with just baisc fire, and once u add the upped fire ice and lighting u can just sit there and kill them all with no help. great game loved it and the final battle was a assome turn of events!

A Mighty Final Battle

I rarely ever play fully through these types of games, but I did this one beginning to end. I liked how hard the final boss was. I beat him on my first try, but it was an EPIC close conflict. Very well done.

I made it!

i made the last one second try. good game 5* 10/10

20% of Base left and owned boss >.< \../

The boss was at bout 1000 when i got hit with 20% left, my monsters disapeared but right as he was bout to shoot his final blow I got em! I was suprised XD. Its not impossible, i jsut spawned like 15 dragons in the begining and the angels near the end till i destroyed the tower to unleash teh boss the dragon attak took it down to 190000 somthin, then the rest was usen the golem and dragon/angel combos. Just felt like sharing that ^.^ \../ loved it

good game

it was really annoying about the game play it was the same over and over agen but was a great game it took me a long time 2 beat the last level. that was a bitch it was really annoying he had like 5000hp and i had like no mana and no life left but i won i only lost 1 match the hole way through if theres a next 1 just put alot more wepons and people in just dont make it 2 complicated it was FUN WORTH PLAYING!!!! BUT COD4 IS BETTER CREE27 (lol way off topic) i dont own the game but i play at my friends house and I am really good his brother sucks and so if u fight us and i die like 7 and 24 then u know whats rong ((call of duty 4 for all u slow pokes out there)) my record is 40 kills 4 and 14 deaths that manly beats my 2 and 1