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Reviews for "Epic War"

Found an easy glitch.

Fully upgrade your crossbow then hold down all of your arrow shooting hotkeys and press the button that makes all little options menu, like when you right click your mouse. mows down almost everybody. Just be careful not to shoot your own units.


Super epic! love it


just saying i beat it in one day. but people please dont complain it IS possible to beat "the end" it was a great game personally the 2nd one is way harder :P

A bit too epic

The end is a bit too epic. The game is all about the same tactic, until the end, where you have to do something magical to beat it. I tried 3 times and the lowest i could get him was to 20,000 hp. I followed your advice and no dice. My max mana was 9999 and there was nothing I could do to make my mana refill fast enough to cast more angels. Adding a boss to each level might have prepaired me better for the last guy, he just annihilated me the first time around.
I am using the chrome browser on a linux distro. I did notice that the crossbow took a mind of its own on the beginning levels, and I was unable to pan accross the field, but somehow it automagically worked later on.
However, it was enjoyable and the animation was good and stuff.

very good

well done game. i liked how challenging the "The End" was. it was kinda repetitive though until the end.
for those of you having trouble with him, dont make any archangels until you have everything upgraded, then make nothing but dragons and angels aftere that, when "the end" comes, continuously make hobbits to stall his advance while waiting for the next archangel (shooting him with your tower continuously of course)