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Reviews for "Detonate 2"

Really fun and addicting

theres not much i can say about it it's fun was in it's simplicity easily 10/10. i also thot that the music went very well with the hecktic game play.


Made it to 215 after desroying the first copter the lost.

when is the next one comming out

this is a good way to spend time if you dont have much to do and is really fun to

Time Passer

Got to 1217, got bored and let myself die. If I knew how close I was to the top 50 I would've gone longer >_<

All i can say is...

this game was born for the wii. Seriously, this is like... WiiWare quality. I am booting up my Wii to play this soon!

P.S. I know how you fell Zenet11. I got to 1235, thinking that i had a huge highscore.
As the explodey helicopter of death would say/emote: :(