Reviews for "Apple mac ad parody"

"I'm a freaken genius!"

That joke was pretty funny, and the buttons are snazzy, but just a little bit too short. That is why it is an 8 instead of a 10- length. Maybe if Jobs did several adds like that and was watching them, it would be better, just for having the joke last longer.


I thought it was excellent, and at least deserves better than a god damn two! What the hell, man? Some peop[le just don't appreciate good humor these days.

Very well done. Loved the animation too.


that's just not even funny, the video isn't even long enough for a real punchline, the art isn't bad though...
try again, but this time get some more writing creativity.

P.S. i give it a 2 mainly for the buttons, yes, they are pretty snazzy.

Yes, snazzy!

Great. That's what it seems like is going on in those commercials. But I think PC fired back pretty hard. AND THEY WERE CLEAN WITH IT!

XD That about sums it up.

I must've watched that 10 times in a row, it was so funny.