Reviews for "Apple mac ad parody"

"I'm a freakin' Genius!" - Steve Jobbs

Lol, great movie. Great menu's too!
Its just like the ads!


i have a mac and i think this is funny.
though steve jobs looked like he was about to say "imma firin mah lazah"
except it was "imma f-reakin genius"

Real nice

Really good just make it longer next time.

Lol, great video!

I thought Mac being Jesus and PC being Hitler/Satan was hilarious. I wish it was longer though. Great menus too, I thought they looked really cool.

I also laughed at Steve Jobs nametag. I think it said Apple Over Lord but I'm not sure.

PC fo' life!


Very good comment on the mac adds. they should make real points instead of spouting random buzz words