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Reviews for "Kombat Fighters - KotK"

perhaps Shadow the Hedgehog? Iori Yagami? Spawn maybe?
great game though!

Okay, to start, there is a glitch where when hell beast activates, the chomping NEVER STOPS. FIX THAT...Next, i think the moves should be more... cinematic. Like, take scorpion for example. Make the Hell beast pull them over there, uppercut them, then air, grab them with it, uppercut them in the opposite direction, then repeat it once more, then air toasty them, thus, ending with them in the same spot as start. And maybe have some death scenes for moves. Like sephiroth's limit break.(Which i believe should have a cutscene as well) Have it cut them in half, or something! Finally, add to the roster a bit. Like Akuma, or Link. I'd KILL to see link in this game. All the bad aside, the system is nice, the battle system makes sense, and it flows nicely. If i were to nitpick, the moves should hit in other places from the way they look. You could add the amount of power they take to balance them out, but hey, it's your call. :P 9/10 Stars, excellent game.

killer instinct

need more killer instinct characters like cinder ,raptor and man i love the killer instinct muisc those were the good ole day i love that game


Sick game!
Wouldnt Mind wasting Hours on end
If this was online!!