Reviews for "Falcon Punch Re-Animated"


Drawings could improve a bit but great job!

UberCream responds:


Nah, cmon

The aniamtion was not sooo bad... i bet if it was a EgoRaptor animation everyone would say "Whoa!!! AMAZING" or something.... the Fake CC is really funny xD

UberCream responds:

Lol, thanks dude!

I agree with the last guy, it wasn't half bad.

Animation was plenty sufficient, it was funny overall, then I redid it with the CC, and
laughed my ass off.It's worth 5/5 if it can do that!


is dat wat realy happens

UberCream responds:

Yes, that is exactly what happens.

Indeed what i enjoy seeing.

Well like everything that is Falcon punch i enjoyed this. and the animation isn't bad i mean for average people its to me superb. lol nothing beats it

also if you could do me a favor tell me where i can download the audio fort he Falcon densetsu....... i need just that 30 some seconds of voice!!