Reviews for "Falcon Punch Re-Animated"

I'm sorry...

but your drawings suck. The captions were funny, but the drawings were like... ugh. The captions get you a 1.

UberCream responds:

Yeah... Thanks...


I think your animation was lacking.
The animation was jerky and poorly done
The stuff looked shabbily drawn.

The captions were the only good thing really. They were pretty funny.

Next time, if you're going to make an animation about something people feel strongly about, make sure you do it justice. Or you will get flamed pretty badly.

UberCream responds:

Yes, the animation needs some work... and the drawings.


First of all, the youtube Falcon Punch should be required viewing. Second, once viewed, it makes this look... really freaking shabby.

Mate, I don't like to bang on about people's art skills, but the only thing you do with this is present what your artistic take is on a professionally done scene. And I'm sorry... you pale in comparison to the point where you look like you suck. I mean, the art for the glow around the 22 sec marker... that looks like it was done in MS paint!

If you did this as a learning experience, I hope you got something out of it. If not... I'm sorry mate, but while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it also often is never nearly as good as the original copy. This is one of those times.

That was very not good.

I was expecting something... ya know, funny, but all I got was a badly drawn version of one of the greatest things ever. It would've been better had you taken more time to give it a better presentation. The fake captions were great, though. Infact, it was good enough to get it 3 Stars all by itself. If you do something else like this, please take the time to make it look better.


You totally massacred the most epic anime ending ever
work on your drawing skills before making anything else
the special effects however, were quite well animated