Reviews for "The Wizard of LoZ"

Not going to lie, I am so friggin' down for anything LoZ.

Man, it's been a while, hasn't it? So down to the song:

The bassline after the drop is just amazing. I don't know how I didn't hear of this before.

Everything was just pretty awesome. The drums, the vocals, the instruments, the synths, etc.

All in all, another great song by you.

The only thing that gets me with pretty much every song is that they Just GIVE you the drop. I want to feel sweaty before it even hits (Just from anticipation) Then when it HITS I want to feel like I'm being forced to fight off the urge to jump up and head bang. I want to feel sheer exhilaration from a bass-heady fight worthy tempo that makes me feel like I could beat back an army one man at a time with the tempo and break the snare over some poor soldier's head. This however is what man would call "perfect Dubstep" Something that invites a dark reverie but a heightened squallor of delight and ambience in the human soul. You are the only one artist to ever be so close yet so far so many times..... I feel you will be the one to make my quest worthwile.

CowardlyLion responds:

Sorry to hear i haven't gotten the build up down to a T man! I'm still working on getting them thar transitions down. Thanks for the epic way of saying that, though, haha. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for listening too!

This is the best LoZ remix i've heard, and I actively search for them. Great song!

CowardlyLion responds:

Well thank you very much, sir! I appreciate it.

OMG this was amazing, i love ocarina of time it was the first ever zelda game that i ever played and this was just wonderful full keep up the great work

CowardlyLion responds:

Thank you very much! I appreciate it. OoT is fantastic, haven't played any since Majora's Mask aside from Twilight Princess though.