Reviews for "Awesome Center Redux"

Oh My God... ROFL

What the fuck was that...lmao. Im sorry but that was too funny for words. And the expression on your character's face at the end, PRICELSS


I just watch this over and over...that zombie cancer part and ending...its just too much! Goodbye funny world...

omg love this

the voicing is totally like ukinojoe. i see why now, gotta say this first of ur films i have seen ( i think) but this has made me wanna just sit here and watch them all right now :} keep up work like this dL


Egoraptor u rock this has been up on front for the longest time ever. When are gunna get some more? GOW? Halo? Soul Calibur 1-4?

funny stuff

funny stuff,
although i'm not such a anime style fan (if i can call you're style that)
but this is really hilarious