Reviews for "Awesome Center Redux"

That famous face gets me everytime I see this! (lol)

A classic, still awesome!

This is exactly like my first internship during med school.... on the ZOMBIE PLANET! YEAH! I'm just kidding. I never went to med school.... I JUST WENT TO THE ZOMBIE PLANET!

Ok. Well. What the hell, now it loads TWO advertisements back to back, NEITHER of which can be skipped? I remember back when you could just WATCH this! Shameful. And I don't think Egoraptor did anything to it to make that happen, it's got to just be Newgrounds.

This is a demonstration of how egoraptor is the best at extreme emotional states shown on faces.

LMAO, the sound effects nice, lol ZOMBIE CANCER PEW PEW PEW LOL KABLOOM LMFAO. LOL This was funny as hell kinda random but still very entertaining :) thx